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A Great Man By: Frances M. McCrory Nov 22, 1963

A Nation’s love comes too late        Why was it done and who did it?

For a great man                                He must have been mad

Who’s outstanding love                   To have fired a shot so fatal

Was for all the world.                        And committed treason to the world.


He fought for peace                           He stunned a nation.

For a nation and world                     He mystified the world.

That thought him great                    He wrote unwanted history.

And knew him brave.                        He fired the deadly shot.


He was the leader of a nation,           This man set our nation back’

And diplomat to the world,               Our example of vote, not gun

The enemy of injustices,                   Is democracy and freedom's way

An unyielding friend of freedom.      Was compromised that day.


While a nation watched,                     It took men long fighting years 

While the whole world looked on,      To establish a standing democracy.

A man, unseen, fired three shots.       It took one man, one shot

And added pages to history.                To rip our image apart.             


Now the world stands still                    May the name John F. Kennedy stand

To show its unyielding respect            alongside the word freedom.

To a man of peace who was loved        May God grant his work be carried on

By free nations 'round the world.        And let freedom come to all mankind.

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