picture Blue Angles North Chicago 1965

"Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

A World in Danger By: Frances M. McCrory 1963

"We will bury you." 

Is not a statement  

But a threat - not new.                

Saying our freedom will be bent.


The free world is in danger.       

Threatened by Communism.       

Ruled by a frightened ranger          

Who is overpowered by world criticism.


The threat is not to ourselves alone;     

It is to a very troubled Viet Nam.               

It will eat all to the bone   

And then in other places upset the calm.


Communism - like a cancerous growth,  

Will try to eat and grow stronger.    

It devours those who try both.       

This disease canít be overlooked any longer.


We have been strong in our freedoms fight.   

We have fought for something we love.   

We cannot let communism crawl in during the night  

And we will not with help from above.