Ribbon with Dove sent to me in an e-mail author unknown

"Move In Me" by Michael W. Smith

BREAST CANCER By Frances M. McCrory-Meservy 1993

First comes disbelief                                  God shows mastectomy's the path

Then come words of relief.                        We embark without wrath.

Now comes Anger                                       We pray for and get no pain

Because I am in danger.                              The nurse thinks I'm insane.


Then comes hope in scripture                    I immediately reach over

Iím not ready for departure.                       And my ear I cover.

Call for the elders of the church                My doctor is in shock

And bargain with God in a lurch.              And stops to take stock.


The cancer didn't go away                         God gets the glory

Was it here to stay?                                   By a miraculous flurry.

Pray which treatment should be:              Then all who I see

Radiation or mastectomy?                        Know God is with me.