Picture from Blue Angel's Air show over New York (Blue Angel's Navy official site). Fran added flags and fireworks.  Ships old and new.

God Bless the USA by Greenwood

Celebration and War By Frances McCrory Meservy @ June 29, 2006

Have a wonderful 4th.

Celebrate our anniversary.

Let no enemy come forth.

Do away with all adversary.


Watch the parade as it goes by.

Wave little flags in the air.

Let no conflict go a-rye.

Pick our battles with care.


Come together as one.

Have your fill of food and drink.

Where have our enemies gone?

Lurking on freedom's brink.


Light up the sky with color.

Patriots smell like gunpowder.

Protect freedom for one another.

America's fire grows louder.

Also won the Editor's Choice Award in book "Immortal Verses" published 2008