"Where No One Stands Alone" by Merle Haggard

picture created by Fran (picture of Jesus came in an e-mail, author unknown, picture of Fran taken by her Mom)

Godís Lap

By: Frances M. McCrory-Meservy

May 13, 2007

Up to now I was never alone                    When may heart hurts inside me

Then my Daddy went to heaven               His lap awaits my presence today

My heart broke because he was gone       His arms wrap around me

Was a great loss at the age of eleven.        And my tears he wipes away.


God stepped in and filled the gap           When the world doesnít agree

I learned early He was my comfort         I climb up for His advice and embrace.

And he had a great lap                             Because I know Heíll make me free

Iíd climb into for a cry and a nap.          On his lap I find mercy and grace.


When I had a great pain                             Though in my sixties now

In His lap I would find a way.                     His lap is still large enough for me

Tears down my cheeks would rain             Iím still his child and he knows how

As God soothed the pain each day.            To sooth my pain and help me be.