"I've Seen & Heard of Jesus" an autobiography

Chapter 1 Getting to Know Jesus

by Frances M. McCrory-Meservy Oct 15, 1943-May 30, 1962

The Beginning

A baby is born

whom God would adorn

with his love

from above.

Blessed every day

with Christian parents all the way.

Brought up seeing God's hand

woven in life and land.



Born to roam the world

is in my nature I'm told.

Seeing the sights

and loving the lights.

Searching for who knows what

I love traveling a lot.


Baptist/Catholic Chickens

When you fall in love

with our Lord above

you want to tell all

to save from the fall.



Come to me as a child

and your life will be wild.

Ordinary things from the past

But miracles will last.

God gives them to reach

Without the need to preach.

In turn comes God's word:

it needs to be heard.


The Well

Every home needs water to drink,

clean, refresh and fill to the brink.

A well bubbling up

when we need to sup.

Bubbling with all the wonder

Needed to lift us from asunder.



Love always protects

is never filled with defects.

Love gone awry

is filled with a lie.

Left all alone

it chills to the bone.

How to put in prospect

and correct the defect.

Man's ability to betray

leads children astray.

God puts it right

when man's not very bright.


Lots of Pets

I truly was brought up in a zoo

needless to say a pet or two.

Cows, dogs, cats and chickens

not to mention pigs to beat the dickens.

Ducks, a mule, goat and raccoon

jazzed up the tune.

Taking care of Guinnies and rabbits

help develop good habits.

Growing up on a farm

Does no harm.


Old Red/Cows

Respect for all life

Even when there is strife.

A cow to test your love

is not from above.

If love casts out fear

I must have hated Old Red, you hear.

She scared the crap out of me

and no love could I see.



A pain in the side or a sore throat

It's time to take note.

Either puts you to sleep

My soul dear Lord please keep.



Life is too short

and love does not distort.

Loved ones should not be apart

or fill their days with retort.

Have no regret

when life is reset.

Grab all the love

You can get from above.



When we accept the Lord

we form a bond of accord.

We must fulfill all righteousness

before being used in His business.

We are placed in a perfect bond

When baptized in any river or pond.



Oh, the love of a brother

is quite different than that of a mother.

They are always there to protect

and never to reject.

We are always together

in all kinds of weather.

Our minds and hearts link

over the miles or over dishes in the zinc.


Messenger Angel

Oh Lord, I hear your message;

I repent and prepare for passage.

All my life I prayed for wisdom and knowledge:

Like Solomon I wanted an edge.

I didn't know wisdom came through fear of you:

and knowledge with things to do.

An extra bonus in this recitation

is the gift of exhortation.

I do cherish each gift

that I may encourage others and spirits lift.



Weigh the pain in the mouth to see

and count the cost to be set free.

A little pain a long time if I procrastinate

Or a lot of pain momentarily to make the date.

Let's get it over with today

and do it without delay.

That didn't hurt a bit

are the tales just dry wit?


Secret to Learning

Knowledge comes by learning

and pacifies a deep yearning.

My memory does fail

the things I must tell.

Your Holy Spirit does remind

He's so good and kind.

That means He's useful and forgiving

always there - never leaving.



Tis the gift of evangelism they say

that led me down the aisle that day.

I was trained in friendship

loving all who might make the trip.

With my Jesus in the lead

I had no one else to heed.

He taught unconditional love

and practical application from above.


Fred Brown

I wanted an earthly father so bad

that God relented and gave me a Dad.

In His mysterious way

He does act one day.

When he acts its really curious

that he does it so humorous.

My own words so sure ever after

he used and turned to laughter.



It's fun being a kid and enough.

Who cares about gushy stuff.

No makeup for me

I'd rather climb a tree.

What's so great about guys?

Most just tell lies.

Oh look at his eyes so blue

He's so honest and true.

Maybe just one date

I won't stay out late.


Turning The Other Cheek

I was a scrapper who'd punch you out

if you messed with mine and wanted a bout.

Then God said what?

I'm supposed to give a lot?

Turn the other cheek?

Become a geek?

Not at all what I expected

I won bigger and was respected.



Fear of every kind

is a fantasy of the mind.

My person they might harm

my brain would sound the alarm.

God wants me to be bold

and listen to him I'm told.

He will have to work in my heart

too make the fear a thing apart.

He filled me with a perfect love

and drove fear away by Jove.



Love came in the form of Mother.

God gave her and no other.

He formed her to be tender

Our hearts she'll never surrender.



Tis the end of childhood

our turn to be good.

Kiss our playmates goodbye

and embark on dreams in the sky.

Nothing is ever the same

and that's a crying shame.

I've Seen & Heard of Jesus

Living Poetry