Life's A Blank Page
by Frances McCrory-Meservy
10 Dec 2013

When we were born
Our lives were a blank piece of paper
Like knitting with fresh woven yarn
We cover the pages with life's ardor

The experiences we have
Build feelings and reactions
That splatter over like a wave
Full of color into our transactions

They splatter on the pages
As we reach for our hopes and dreams
That reach out through the ages
In steady even streams.

And then we hear of a Savior
Who was born in a manger
His name Jesus we will savor
He has become our life changer.

Again we find blank pages
Because we are born again
As if from the dark ages
A new life we begin.

The colors are more vivid
When they wash over the new page
Our lives are more liquid
In a world full of rage.

Jesus has filled us with his Spirit
And we are now full of love.
We are much more coherent
And gentle as a dove.

As the season draws near
We anticipate beauty on earth
The lights sparkle with cheer
And our hearts fill with virgin birth.

Tis the season of giving
And celebrating His birth
With joyful singing
Proclaiming His great worth.


Living Poetry