"God Bless The USA" by Greenwood from CD set "God Bless America" from Reader's Digest

Picture taken my different relatives over the years by relatives.  USS John F. Kennedy from the US Navy official web site.  Arrangement by Fran Meservy

The Price of Freedom (Included in Immortal Verses an anthology of Poems)

By: Frances McCrory Meservy  May 30, 2005

We are the land of freedom                Again a generation of free thinkers

It resides deep in our souls.               The cycle goes on as before

We donít need stardom                      They enjoy peace and tinkerings 

To light freedomís coals.                    Forgotten are the wars of yore.


Our husbands and fatherís fight         Freedom is never free

So our children can live free              It takes a generation now and then

They give them the right                   Who jointly make a decree

To argue and agree.                            Fighting is unavoidable now and again.


Then comes the next generation

Who toss words carelessly around

They enjoy their own degradation

And carelessly abound.


Then come our Grandchildren brave

Who face a new fight

They are gallant and brave

As they keep freedom bright.