Picture of Fran's Amaryllis

"Everything is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens

Religionís Alarms    By Frances McCrory Meservy    1997

She was wrapped in religion                    It was no where to be found.

And rooted in contention.                       Now isnít that profound

The fruit were barely visible                    Freed from the yoke of guilt

Yet completely indispensable.                 She cleaned and made a quilt.


She couldn't read very well                     The letter of the law kills

And it began to tell.                                 But the spirit of the law fulfills.

She believed what she was taught          Now God's fruit fills her room

And could not be bought.                        And she's in full bloom.


She needed God's pure word

And it was no where to be heard.

Finally she stopped to listen

And her life began to glisten.


She was oppressed by things not in the book.

We took a careful look.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" when checked

Even though her life it had wrecked.