Picture of lightening from


"I'm Too Busy Following Footsteps" by Darlene Neptune

Stroke (Feb 1999) (I could finally button a button in Sept 2003/I have never fully                                                               recovered but still have a little jump forward at times 2007) By: Frances McCrory Meservy 1999

We're in Sears my husband and me:        He says "You don't have to do anything:"

I feel weird and off balance you see.        I thought I had to do most everything.

My right leg, arm, and face are numb      I leave the cart to pick up my BP med.

I must need food - oh how dumb.            Prayer gets me home and to bed.


Wed just come from the Doctor                         I take the pill and no joke

Who didn't think feeling weird a factor.            God stops the stroke.

Even though my BP was 210/140 I know         Im drained of energy

He gave me a script to go.                                   And filled with lethargy.


I eat and drop off my script to fill    I'm trying to stay a little longer.

Run errand to hospital surreal.        Things seem to get stranger

I go back to Dillon's.                         As my spirit wants to escape to higher life.

Now I am drunk and weigh tons.     And then a tug because I want to stay Al's wife.


Im shopping for my mother-in-law & me    I ask the doctor: recovery, how long?

When I realize whats going to be.               He doesn't know - I don't belong.

I argue with God about my condition:         I should be dead

I make a long drawn out rendition.              But God healed my head.