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The Cross' Greatest Pain by: Frances M. McCrory-Meservy April 3, 2007

The greatest pain Jesus felt that day                The greatest pain that Jesus felt sway

Were not the nails in hands and feet                 That would pierce His tender heart

That held Him on the cross some say                Was when his Father looked away

It wasnít physical pain thatís fleet.                    Because our sins had set him apart.


The Greatest pain Jesus felt                              The greatest pain Jesus felt in every way

Was not the whip that lashed                           Were all the sins of the world

It was not the blows that were dealt                That was placed on him that day

Or the angry words that flashed.                      He became a curse as salvation unfurled.


The greatest pain Jesus felt                               Oh the pain he felt as salvation sped          

Was not the thorns on his head                        As He freed us from guilt and disdain

That brought many a welt                                 So we can come to our Father in good stead

As it pierced His skin till he bled.                     Without wrinkle, blemish or refrain.


The greatest pain Jesus felt                                Heart pain is not fleeting

Was not the spear that pierced his side             It makes us want to die you see

As the final blow was dealt                                 Jesus was heard repeating

He was past the pain that would bind.               Father why have you forsaken me


To all these things He cried not a word.              His father could not look at strife

He knew they were as fleeting as the past.         The sin was more than could gather

The physical pain was bearable to us ward.        Jesus in pain gave up his life

The unbearable pain would be the last.               His heart burst without his Father.

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