Our Christmas tree 1996

"Jesus is the Answer Every Time" by the Statler Brothers


By: Frances McCrory Meservy 1996

We want all kinds of expensive toys    Sleepy and weary Mom & Dad arise

Shout our mischievous little boys.      Too tired to enjoy the children's surprise.

We expect many a wonderful thing      They watch as paper is thrown

Our pretty little girls sing.                     And in amazement hear a child groan.


Mom & Dad work hard for enough        Santa's been generous

To buy all the expensive stuff.              Mom & Dad grow curious.

They search high and low,                    All that time and money spent

Then wrap and tie with a bow.             And a child's temper is vent.


Finally at last                                         They haven't been up long

Christmas Eve is past.                           What could possible be wrong?

Dad's worn out and tired                       How could they have been deceived

From some assembly required.              If only they had believed.


Santa's come at last                               Things never bring joy

And the rush is past.                              It first must be in the heart of the boy.

Oh how the gleeful sounds                    It comes from nothing under the tree

From the living room abounds.            It's from Jesus and it's free.