Glorious Resurrection by: Frances M. McCrory-Meservy 15 Apr 2017


Salvation has come

Our savior is off the cross.

His Mother is distraught

As they lower him at last.


A rich man offers a tomb

He is laid to rest

Tended by women

Who prepare his body.


As the Sabbath approaches

They lay a cloth over him

The solders roll a bolder

To cover the entrance.


Night falls

As the Sabbath begins

At rest is the world

As the Sabbath ends


Solders stand guard

In the dark, lonely night

They don’t know what awaits

At dawn’s early light


Angels appear

Causing the solders to sleep

They roll the bolder away

The power of God begins


In the tomb a light flashes

The cloth is burned

Our savior awakes

The resurrection has come.


In power death is defeated

Jesus stands

Walks out of the tomb

Fear of death is no more.


Living Poetry