Jesus - My Best Friend

by: Frances McCrory Meservy


I have a friend I hold so dear

Because he is always near.

He never leaves me

Nor forsakes me you see.


He's with me every step I take;

He's there though I make a mistake.

We always talk as we go

As in conviction I undergo.


He never stands in judgment;

He just delivers encouragement.

If I stumble while we walk,

He catches me and we talk.


He is gentle and kind;

He helps me make up my mind.

He knows when I'm struggling

And holds me when I'm trembling.


He feels what I feel;

My pain he knows how to heal.

His compassion is great;

Its a wonderful trait.


From all my enemies he does defend;

On him I can always depend.

My reputation he does protect;

He is my gentle architect.


He supplies all my needs

And counts only my good deeds.

His love covers my sin

And he never brings them up again.


2 Feb 2018