Jesus Hug from e-mail author unknown

"What A Friend We Have In Jesus" by Life Outreach International Band Vol. 2

Jesus my Friend

By Frances McCrory Meservy @ Dec 2006

When my heart is lonely in a crowd,         When Satan uses the ones I love,

When no one seems to love me,                When attacked with a harmful word,

Jesus is always around                               Jesus reaches down from above

To fill me with his love so I can be.            And fills my heart with his accord.

When the world loves another,                   When evil seems all around,

When my family doesn’t care,                     When doubt fills my heart,

I wish I could reach for my mother;             Jesus can always be found

But Jesus is the one who's fair.                   Taking all the hurt apart.

When burdens are too great to bear,           When no one else will listen so kind,

When words cause my heart to break,        When life is too hard to continue to be,

I feel there is no good words to hear;           I remember Jesus and find

But Jesus all my troubles take.                    He will always be with me.