Picture of Sam, Mom, Me & John taken in 1974 by Al Meservy

"Put A Little Love In Your Heart" by Anne Murray from CD "What A Wonderful World Disc 2."

Mom By Frances M. McCrory-Meservy May 2005

You were my best teacher                         You made sure we never went hungry

In common sense and every day living            In providing without guile.

You were better than a preacher                      You did not smoke or get angry

Inspiring daily giving.                                       Inspiring a healthy life style.


You taught us to survive                          You instilled in us the joy faith brings

In a world full of strife.                             By leading us to Godís grace.

You gave us all we needed to thrive        You showed us His hand in things

Inspiring a wonder of life.                        Inspiring trust in Him to win the race.


You gave us good work skills                  You are all we could ever want

By your own example.                             When looking for a mother.

You coaxed our wills                                You are Jesusí saint

Inspiring us to be ample.                          We would want no other.


You showed us how to live

In balance with work and play

You had us dancing by age five

Inspiring joy in every way.