Picture taken by Fran's Mom Fran's Christmas Present 1956.

"Some I Wrote" by The Statler Brothers

Music By: Frances McCrory Meservy Jan 1964

Music is a great art

It fills a space in my heart.

It comes to manís mind

And moods of many a kind.

Able to right things

Music from his heart brings.


Types of music vary

And some make people wary.

Rock & Roll is tense

Teens like to sense

Responsibility is theirs

As they through off their cares.


Classical music is deep

Wakes up that which is asleep

More feelings and emotions

Of kinds and develops devotions

Into the heart is sown

By a beautiful wind blown.


Jazz is a phenomenon

Thatís well done.

Bringing touching things to life

As it describes strife.

Loves the new mood

And love is sometimes renewed.


Blues are sad

Strange but not bad.

Sometimes making you happy

Other times make you snappy.

Youíre lifted off the ground

Or your life is profound.


Musicís a new deal

Changes the way you feel.

Whatever your mood

It canít always be good.

If you donít like the feel

Change the music and make a steal.