Our King by Frances McCrory-Meservy

On yon Christmas morn

Is the breaking of a new dawn.
For a Heavenly King is born
A new testament he would spawn.

Wiseman came from out of the East

One brought frankincense and another gold
And yet finally but not least
Another brought Myrrh for to hold.

Tis a story of old that is told

About shepherds in the field
Who heard the Angels tell so bold
Of a babe that faith would yield.

Glad tidings were sent near and far

By angels who sang of his glory
Everyone looked for his Star
They wanted to hear of his story.

Jesus is God with us

And his birth we celebrate
Without pomp or fuss
His word he doth delegate.

Each is his agent on earth

Our fears through love relieve
Retelling of his humble birth
Giving hope to all who believe.

Living Poetry