Dear Frances,

What are you doing this year for National Poetry Month? As you might imagine the International Library of Poetry (ILP) and National Poetry Month have a long history together in promoting and furthering poetry in our society.

April is National Poetry Month; the Academy of American Poets established it in 1996 in order to celebrate poetry, our poetic heritage, and individual poets on a national level. Today, National Poetry Month is celebrated by millions of people every year in schools, libraries, and bookstores all over the United States and abroad.

As a leader in this endeavor, the International Library of Poetry has been given a unique opportunity that recognizes your poetic achievement. Frances, on behalf of the International Library of Poetry you have been selected to become a "United States of America 2006 Poetry Ambassador." This exceptional honor is one that you should take pride in receiving. We here at the International Library of Poetry hope you accept this prestigious nomination and join us in celebrating National Poetry Month.


So, what is a Poetry Ambassador? It is a person whose love of poetry is so great that they want to spread the joy of poetry to anyone who is interested. A Poetry Ambassador is also someone who is looked up to and admired for his or her poetic knowledge and insight. In fact, sharing your love of poetry with others is the only obligation to this distinctive honor. We hope you will join The International Library of Poetry and consider donating some of your time or money to the many worthy causes that support poetry in our culture. Again, you choose your own way to spread your love of poetry.

Upon acceptance of the nomination to become a 2006 Poetry Ambassador, you will receive a beautiful award certificate with a special United States of America / National Poetry Month Seal to recognize your poetic accomplishment and distinction as a Poetry Ambassador. Additionally, we will provide you with a list of suggestions to spread your love of poetry to others. Your acceptance form is attached to this email. Please fill it out as quickly as possible in order to reserve your spot as a 2006 Poetry Ambassador.

As a Poetry Ambassador, you will have the wonderful opportunity to share something of yourself with your friends, family, and community. The great American poet Robert Frost once said, "The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart." That is why we are challenging all of our poets to show us the beauty of their hearts by spreading the joy of poetry. Whether you like to write poetry, read poetry, or do both, we know that poetry is important to you. This year we can make a difference and spread the gift of love, peace, and poetry.

Yours truly,

Edward Moffet III
ILP / National Poetry Month Committee

P. S. Don't forget to complete your acceptance form as a 2006 Poetry Ambassador for National Poetry Month.

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