Picture of Fran age 5 1948 and Fran with her children 1970 both taken by her Mom

"Understanding God's Grace" written July 1986 and sung by Fran Meservy 9-9-09

Understanding Godís Grace    By: Frances McCrory Meservy    1986

When I was just a little girl

My Lord was real to me.

He touched my heart and filled my soul

With love and harmony.


As I grew up, he walked with me

And carried all my woes.

He helped me understand his ways

And taught me how to love.


I drifted off the narrow road

And listened to the world.

He stayed with me and led me back

To his loving arms.


Now I have children of my own

And know the pain He felt

When I, his child, wondered off

Into the world and dwelt.