1850 Slave Schedules - Butler & Conecuh, Alabama


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1850 Slave Schedule, Slave Inhabitants in the County of BUTLER, State of 
US Census Office ,7th Census, 1850 Slave Schedules for Alabama: 
Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour, Benton, Bibb, Blount, Butler, and Chambers 
Counties, Microfilm Sutro 35, 		microcopy M-432, Box # 17
		(slave owner's names who are the head of household.  
		The slave's age and sex are given, but not their name)


1. Beat number 03, Dark Streak Area, Butler County, Alabama.  
 	GB Bragg, M Womach, P Beggar, Jacob L Womack, Jas Cunningham, 
Daniel Boggan, Hannan Coleman, A Arington, Joseph  Stafford 1 15yr old 
male black, Joseph Dunklin, Jesse Stallings, John A Roller, John Perry, 
William Grayson, Mary Rogers,  Lois Griggs, Weaham Perrett, Joseph Gafford, 
BW Hennerson, William Wright, Joseph Day, James Cook, Thomas Gafford,  
Pleasant Jackson, William Williams, Francis Gafford, Pinkney Davenport, 
Francis Shepard, Andrew C Lngth, William Long, James Norman, Joseph Stiner, 
L Hammon, John Womack, Harver Rodgers, RL Lee, Wilson Murphy, Thomas H  
Briggs, Francis M Cook, Jacob Thorington, GW Esserman, Casrel Newton, 
David Gafford, Jarett Rhoaes, Benjamin Rhoaes, Glacon Allen, Bennett 
Joiner, William Sims, James Stewart, Joseph Simpson, John Pain, HL Henseror,
William Bernett,Littleton Jones, Nolma R Lewes, Shaniblen Pierce, Elijah 
Perkins, Jjames Perkins, Warren Thomson, JR Yelgel, EJ Luckie, JM Wooten, 
Thomas Tranweeth, F Reltierford, Franklin Croff, Thomas Crenshaw, Ezra 
Mixon, F Crenshaw, AJ Fergason, DJ Ray, Adam Covinton, J Coleman, and 
Thomas Smith.

2. Beat number 04, Midway, Mashville Area, Butler County, Alabama.
	John Lewis, Noland Womack, PB Waters, Mary Waters, Judy Coleman, 
James Smith, O Gregory, Lewis Waters, Gary Higpen, Walter Crenshaw, Thomas 
Ware, WW Wad, Thomas Pork, JM Yelack, Robert Shigpen, Gilbert Chunsley, 
William Traweek, JJ Boggan, Thomas Hays, M Preston, Edward Bowen, William 
Carter, Alfora Carter, John Cater, Jas Yeymalas, Mayer  Kyper, Joseph 
Mullen, FW Sims, Jospeh Mullin, FW Sims, John Thompson, Andrew Thompson, 
Jas Thompson, Elias Presley, Thomas Coker, Daniel Coker, William Coker, 
Peter Keebler, Arthur Sims, Young Lee, Stephen Sims, Edward Lee, Larkin 
Riley, Duncan Sellars, Nelson Muason, Jas McComack, Simrod Steward, Asa 
Winson, William Rhoades, Allen Presley, Thomas Bennett, Edward Knolly, 
Daniel Shine, George Tillmon, GW Wilson, Mary Rose, LB Wilson, Daniel 
Stallings, Jas W Jasey, John McPherson, Harvey Staggers, Drucilla Williams, 
Johnathan Rhodes, Charlotte Rhodes, John Bone, Fredrick Bone, Elizabeth 
Perdew, John Nixon, Charles Lewis, A James, John Davis, James Hathorn, 
George Thaggard, James Thaggard, David Clemons, Anguish Brown, Thomas 
Wyrodick, Jeramiah Jones, William Tipit, B Mitchael, Ann Wynche, Henry 
Solomon, James Cowrey, James Williamson, George Thaggard, Thomas Lowrey, 
George Lowrey, Arnold Kent, Joseph Ellington, Theophilus Daniel, John 
McMullin, William Wyche, Thomas Daniel, Francis Ficklin, and William 

3. Beat number 05, Butler County, Alabama.
	William Golson, James Colvin, EJ Payne, Thomas Shaw, William Fail, 
Augustus Gafford, Daniel Payne, Elias McKinzie, L. Andrews, William 
Harrison, Thomas Morgan, Jas Perdew, Johnahan Erwin, Jas E Peraew, JK 
Thompson, John Jay, Elivera Hamilton, John Jay, John McPherson, Hardy Trott,
 Isaac Gilian, John King, William Stringer, Joshua Peraew, John  Turner, 
Joseph Jones, John R. Worthy, Eliza Patton, Sarah Jones, GW Smith, Nancy 
Smith, Martha Coleman, Augusthus Garrett, James Walton, Daniel Payne, 
William McDaniel, RM Bonner, Jacob Ferguson, Thomas Butts, H Hutcherson,
Moses Pierce, WC Marsh, Peter Cheatham, Robert Perry, John Smith, Thomas 
Butts, John Grant, Willaim Hobby, Jas  Famara, Edmond Butler, Jas Dickson, 
Lena Wallace, Ruben Butler, Johnathan Harson, Thomas Fuller, Anna Tally, 
Rubin Tally, James Tally, Ancher Hiatham, Ancher Hiathan, Fedrick Day, Jas 
Mosley, William Richards, and Calvin Tally.

4. Beat number 06, Butler County, Alabama
	Hugh McRee, John Powell, Elizabeth Barge, L Reynolds, Jas Benson, 
James Higlien, Gilbert Charley, John Higpen, Wiley Watts, Henry Wara, 
Robert Stevenson, Elizabth Baggar, John Baggar, Alexandra Donald, Robert 
Yelaell, William Powel, Milton Miller, Patience McCoy, Mary McMoy, Elvara 
Bell, William McDonald, TW Camp, Larkin Camp, Gilbert Fontuer,  Johnathan 
Atkins, Robert Yelazel, TW Slim, William Tillary, John Tillary, Richard 
Tillery, James Kirkpatrick, Nathan  Craig, Margaret Glanton, Samuel Gramham,
Dennis Hodges, Uriah Evers, Theoplius Ballard, G Cheatham and  Gurtrige 

5. Beat number 07, Butler County, Alabama.
	Milton Palmer, Ruben Stringfellow, Samuel Oliver, William Reddock, 
Daniel Cheatham, William Dawson, John McRona, J Thompson, Sarah Reddock, 
Teal Ransom, Pinkiney Wilson, Prudence Watts, Dunklin Fowler and  Sarah 

6. Beat number 08, Searcy Area, Butler County, Alabama
	William Craig, Preston Brook, Robert Right, Andrew Pickens, A Ruffian,
 John Smith, Silas Keath, William Perrett, William Readdock, William Rhodes,
 Hiram Perry, Evens Presley and John Parker. 

7. Beat number 10, Butler County, Alabama uppermost west corner of Alabama, 
not 	done

8. Beat number 11, Butler Springs Area, Butler County, Alabama.
	George Peagler, Artema Peagler, John Peagler, Joseph Davison, Calvin 
Poole, Micheal Glem, John Adams, Micheal Dailey, James Thigpen, H Chestnutt,
James Powers, John A Smith, William Smith, WJ Maddon, John Peagler, Richard 
Ringgold, Oliver Carter, Jane Davis, James Craig, Ambrous Smith, Charles 
Lewis,  Daniel Childress, Thomas Seain, Daniel Clansy, Robert B Davis, 
Marshal Palmore, Mary Walter, William Palmore, George B Herbert, Daniel 
Shine, Elizabeth Shine, Thomas Smith, Micheal Pruitt, Edward Knolls, James 
Walb, James Brogden, John Mapey, Richard Williams, George Williams, John 
Hammonds, Wiley Dawber, Andrew J Smith, Thomas Kettles, William Mercer, 
William P Shine, Mathew Patton, James Shine, Anderson Geal, Andrew Carbon, 
James Hollan, John Davis, Susan Richardson, Mary Roades, William Palmer, 
Archabold M Reid, Limison Demming, James D. Herbert, John Mattlet, Giles 
Armand, Estatine McDaniel, William Streety, John Staggers, John Henderson, 
Alison Scarborough, Harvey C Bradon, William Payne, Mary Nixon, Thomas 
Kittles, Hillory Herbert (11), Thomas Herbert (26), John Caldwell, John 
White, Daniel Dunklin, Harry Herington, James McCann, Robert Johnson, James 
Williams, James L. Dunklin, Thomas M Braggs, Jonah E Gran, LB Atts, A 
McKeller, Sarah Rord, John Wheeler, Ezra Miller, Matthew Bishop, William 
Roberts, Joh Rollinum, John Thomas, William Wren, Jacob G Grant, Elias 
Presley and John Bolling.  

	1860 Slave Schedule, Slave Inhabitants in the County of BUTLER, 
State of 	Alabama US Census Office ,8th Census, 1860 Slave Schedules for 
Alabama: 	Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour, Bibb, Blount, Butler, and Calhoun 
Counties, 		Microfilm Sutro 35, microcopy M-653, Box # 27

	               (slave owner's names who are the head of household.  
	                The slave's age and sex are given but not their name) 

1. Precinct number 01, Butler County, Alabama: 550 slaves registered, 
Pages 13-20, ED 220.
	GWT Flynn, DB May, M Stinson, ED Stinson, JT Myres, Mary Preslar, 
EB Preslor (1), JA Preslor (1), AJ Dunham (1), Dave Coker, J Coker, Elmra 
Cokes, Jas Lovjin, E T Brooks (3), Shepard and Shepard (6), NB Peacock, T 
Robers, EW Bouden, Tester Reebler, JW Page, Britten Stamps, 2 slave houses 
(note: Britten Stamps is written as the Ass't Marshall of the entire 
Chambers County Population Slave Schedule.  This information is helpful 
regarding ancestors Slaves Spencer and Sarah Stamps of Butler County, 
Alabama.)Actual example: 

Britten Stamps 	1 		40 	F 	B	 
	1 		35 	F 	B	         
		1		25	M	B
		1		20	F	B
		1		20	M	B
		1		18	M	B
		1		10	M	B	
slave schedule continued from Britten Stamps,
GM Goldsmith (6), WA Miller, W Hicks, JR Ray (2), AH Green (3), HD 
McMillian (1), JW Harkinds, MW Smith (5), Alford Gandy (10), WB Hicks, 
Mark Franklin (1), J Howell (1), Jo Flemistir (1), John Coleman (1), W 
Founds, Nathan Wright, (1) John Wright, AJ Mims, Newton Freeman (4), Tho  
(Theophilus?) Williams, TH Collier (4), WL Thomas, Wastin Dean, William E 
Allen (7), Phillp Owen (4), JW Owen (1), William D. Walker (2) and William 
Blackman (1).


2. Precinct number 12, Greenville, Butler County, Alabama: 1369 slaves 
registered, page 73-90,  ED 253. (denotes how many houses the slaves lived 
in) Jim Rarmon, James Henry, SS May, RN Doanlson, WH Ramon, TG Rou (rue?) 
1 32 M B/1 30 F B/1 23 F B/1 31 M B/1 13 F B/1 03 M B/1 6/12 M B, PJ Lyman, 
Samuel McCoy, Randolph Owen (2), SG Payne, WW Payne, SC Payne, CD Palmer 
(4), John Perry, John S Davis, John Z Hartley, B West (4) DC Dunklin, David 
Palmer, FM Black, John T Camp (10) CS Linhaven, J S Brown, TJ Burnett (4), 
WL Sims, James C Dunklin (3), James H. Dunklin (9), Joseph Dunklin, John 
Long (3), TF Potter, SS Betton, AD Jones, SF Gafford (5), Joseph Harrison,  
TH Hampton (4), John K Henry, JS Hartely, Perry Watson, AF Posey (2), Simon 
Lavorett, John R Hartley, HF Oliver, RB Smyth, JH Meriwheather (4), RR 
Wright, PG Thames, William Rauton (2), AM Stunges, SM Wright (4), William P 
Bouse, PCG Daniel, Isiah Roades, JS McMullin, TP Godioin, Samuel Adams, MC 
Goldsmith, William Stages, GW Lawles, AA Hamil, John McMallett, Martha 
Denning, HM Caldwell, WR Ashford (5), Mary Denning, GM Ormana, AC Smyth, 
SD Lewis, WA Roberts (2), George E. Scott, James Cook (3), WP Oliver, 
William C Readdock (2), DL Kirkland, JB Christian (6), Hugh McLaine, JT 
Broughton, T Bragg SR., John Bolling, FM Brown (1), Jane Miles, Benjamin 
Perry, Kinchin Roades (2), Martha Roades, CC Lloyd, William Wright, Caswell 
Newton, Washington Jones, A Smith (1), Thomas S Ketter (3), Joseph Stiner (5), 
HBT Montgomery (6), John Denning (4), Benjamin Roades, Daniel C Smith, John 
World, EL Ellsworth, AA Crews (1), John Payne, John F Milner, MC Lane, P 
Davis (3), LD Steele (2), Daniel H. Cheatham (5), WA Wright (5), Nathan 
Mash (1), Jacob Thorington (), John Glasgow (5), L Holt, Thomas E Herbert 
(2 houses), HA Herbert, William P Porter, T Key, Rebecca Young (1), John 
McQuenie (12 houses), MC Taylor, John Rudolph (8 houses), William F Hartley, 
E Craig, WD Berryman (4 houses).
2. Precinct number 13, ED 262, Garland, Butler County, Alabama: 240 slaves 
 page 9-11, ED 263.
John Shepherd, Noah Robinson, John Bradley, Berry Savin, SS Grissett 1 
70 M B /1 52 M B/1 21 F B/1 19 F B/1 15 M B/ 1 7 F B/ 1 2 F B/ 1 5/12 M  
B/1 5/12 F B, P Blackman, MB Pugh, A Pugh, L Pugh, Edward See, John Coley, 
A Bud Norris, JS Pulaski, W Archey, HM Goldsmith, JJ Heard, EC Milnn, PC 
Milnn (5), M Eskew, J Clements, MC Brien, Leonard and Bell (4), Henry Smith, 
Kedrick Co (5),WH Binion (3), DB Meyers (1), Lewis Ethridge, JA Kelson, H 
Preslor, Thomas Bennett (2), TB. Tarbretton, DJ Parsons.

3. Precinct number 14, ED # 263, Georgiana, Butler County, Alabama: 80 
slaves     registered page 12, ED 263.
Aaron Parker (2), Jack Sims (5), Frank Muzo (1), J Matthews (1), DB 
Williams (2), Jacob Turner (1), Thomas Shepard (2), David Stott (2), 
A Edgan (1), John Green (1), John Brown (1), W Burk (1), JS Shepard (1), 
Elihu Sims (1), O Fails (2).

4. Precinct number 15, ED # 264, Butler County, Alabama: 147 slaves 
				page 1-2, ED 264.
F Pryor, Jas Holland, Mary Holland, Sarah Holland, JW Holland, SW Bradley, 
A Burnett, SA Vanpelt, WJ Harris, JR Burnett, John Casey, J Casey, JA 
Huguley, Thomas Reyney, LB Jackson, TC Owens, CB Jordan, BM Mims, RF 
Parmer, ST Ewing, Johnathan Ewing. 


1850 Slave Schedule, Slave Inhabitants in the County of CONECUH, State of 
US Census Office ,7th Census, 1850 Slave Schedules for Alabama: Cherokee, 
Choctaw, Clarke, Coffee, Conecuh, Coosa, Covington, Dale, Dallas Counties, 
Microfilm Sutro 35, microcopy M-436, Box # 18

		(slave owner's names who are the head of household.  
		The slave's age and sex are given but not their name)

No precinct given so I have no idea when one city area starts or ends only 
the entire Conecuh County slave population is noted along with the slave 
owner's names.  As usual, no names for the slaves are noted therein.

A Gary, William McPherson, John Yates, John M Matthews, John W Matthews, 
Hanson Lu, RH Labafind, William Shuffield, Thomas McIver, John Helens, J 
Robinson, Homer Hodges, Charles S Snowden, Homer Hodges, Joseph Cramson, 
Samuel McGowan 1 50 F B/1 15 M B/ 1 13 M B/1 5 M B/1 3 M MU, Williams 
Calwell, W Spear, GH Beddingfield, TH Betts, L Lu, Layarns Carter, Arron 
Odum, James Holms, Wiley Dixon, O Runnelsac, Charles Lloyd, Joseph Brantley,
 R Brown, David Philgaw, F Straugh, Charles Floyd, Alexander Autry, Ursula 
Thomas, Robbs Smith, John S Sham, John D Cary, Robb Smith, Joseph Butler, 
C Gully, H Brantley, Abram Smith, WA Stallworth, James Burnett, John H. 
Burnett, William Donald, James Tomlinson, AB Autry, William ES Hunter, 
Stephen Miller, Wilson Ashley, Stephen Miller, Wilson Ashley, Wright 
Hollman, William H. Simpson, Andrew Jay, Buy Bruton, William Young, FA 
Strange, William W Strange, W Brown, W Christain McPherson, Thomas Kennedy, 
Allen Griffin, Isaac Hines, E Willis Darby, Jacob Smith, SM Manby, William 
Brown, Chisley Crosby, G Autrey, Richard Crosby, Hugh L Fountain, William 
Faulk, William Simpson, John C Lafutu, GW Salter, Sarah Davidson, AF 
Robertson, AJ Robinson, Joseph Hawthorne, W Simpson, Ely Bradley, Hezikiah 
Donald, W Sarah Crosby, Sarah Hawthorn, Sarah Deen, JM Hawthorn, William 
Amos, A Heightams, James Robbins, Milton Amos, Alexander Thompson, John 
Thompson, James Thompson, JF Davidson, JD Philyaro, James Ingaraham, John 
Jones, James Hored, James Jones, Elizabeth King, Greer Brantley, James 
Dunbung, Edmund James, Allen Page, Willaim H Coker, John Ethrige, John 
Masigel, John Wright, Curtis Page, John Minms, Wiley Sims, Samuel Beasley, 
D Dean, Duncan McGutyne, David Jay,
William Stallworth, William Sowell, Joshua Deen, John Sowell, Johnson 
Alexander, John Deen, Presley R Brown, Peter Mason, Mary McIntyre, YM Rabbs, 
CH Stallworth (large amt. of  black slaves), Nicholas Stallworth, CS 
Grandy, William Jourdan, James Thomas, Mary Young, George Christian, 
Jeptha V Perryman, Lillibury Chapman, Ezekiel Salter, Thomas Brown, John D 
Salter, Nicholas Stallworth, John Deen, L Davis, Elizabeth Johnson, Samuel 
Yates, John Johnson, William H King, Mary Horton, William Aleur, GH Dubose, 
Geo H Dubose, S Fefgin, Willaim Howard, John O Lugh, Geo Lurk, George Lurk, 
Laban Turk, JGW Legan, L Howard, William Davison, Jesse Snowden, James 
Jones, Abagail Felts, Mortinur Boulware, George Turk, Kindred Kindale, S 
Whitaker, Buy Grice, John Still, Marthias Brackin, Joseph Bruton, John 
Pringle, Janice Snowden, Elja C Bruton, George Robinson, G Britton, Joseph 
Bithea, Brittible Stide, J Williams, Mary Coleman, Edward Jourigan, 
Benjamin Mirrih, Mathas Brackman, Buy Muiz, William Robinson, James S 
Brown, David Pebbles, Mount Park, Edward Watrdaugles, Charles Sipnor, 
James Hall 1 45 F B/ 1 16 F B, Sarah Morten, Samuel Nash, Solomon Gibbens,
David Robbins, John Sampey, JF Hank, George Hank, Henry Gulley, Thomas 
Robbins, Martha Robbins, George K Thompson, Buy W Journigan, Adam Dukes, 
Daniel W Horgton, Daniel W Thorigton, Ely Salter, Calvin Smith, Joshua 
Hawthorn, James Salter, Adam Dukes, Kinchen Page, James Thomlinson, 
Washington Johnson, Chunchile Jones (very large slave population), Henry R 
Rugeley, Samuel Bradley, Richard Crosby, Mason Crosby, Hinley Walker, A 
Cary, A Savage, John H Farnhorn, Sarah L Richardson, WH Grimm, W Morrow, 
L Bill, E Lewis, William Southwill, WH Greening, Henry Stanley,
John W Henderson, Martha Henderson, Jordan Floyd, F Johnston, Afa Johnston, 
James Travis, Louisa Oliva, Henry Horton, M Robum, John Etherage, E Judge, 
Mary Floyd, C Johnston, H Still, John Parker, C McNeil, Robert Miller, C 
Parker, Noah Parker, Hampton Huntington, Miles Huntington, John Dixon, 
Nicholas S Travis, Thomas Pringle, H Anderson, Ima Bond, J Stricklin, James 
Platt, Wlliam Lewis, Abram Russell, WS Withington, Irvine Mixon, George S 
Dukes, David Butler, David Stott, Legrand McIntyre, HM Ray, Gideon Ray, 
Mary Dukes, Joseph Williams, Susann Thomas, Emily Thomas, H  Kudele, EST 
Wilson Fountain, Alfred H Horton, AB Kennedy, EST Baldy Kennedy, H Hodges, 
AJ Williams, John Moore, James MCGowan, Jeptha Blackman, Elizabeth Clements, 
James Fosher, Tabitha Brantley, Daniel Sathman, Alex
Perryman, Elizabeth Perryman, Alex Travis, John Travis, Eliza McPherson, E 
Godbold, S Mosely, Mason Muscle, William Rabo, Racheal Mobley, E Dramond, 
Caroline Giddins, C Brown, E Mortin, A Williamson, Hickman, James Dowling, 
Dorcan Salter, George Salter, Jane Salter, CP Salter, Enoch Salter, Joel 
Lee, James Betts, James Hollis, James Carter, John Green Sr, John Green Jr, 
CW Green, Buy Crawford, FH Farnnar, Catherine Wright, Grace Lee, Joseph H 
Burk, Joseph Holland, Joseph Crosby, F Stoney, HL Sterns, H Oliver, Stephen 
C Richardson, TJ Hawthorn, RB Higdon, TH Malden, Matida Watts, Nathan Coker,
 Tyon Smith, Jones Martin, Joseph Martin, Willis Brown, F Thomas, William 
Higdin, John Mixon, Aaron Salter, William Bonds, Mason, Kyser, Piggett, 
John Rufs, Butler, Julia Bedding, B Platt, Pittman, Samuel Pettertone, RW 
Pendleton, SC Young, James A Stallworth, S Autry, James Autry, JW Crosby, 
SH Smith, Joseph Hawthorn, JR Hawthorn, Joseph R Hawthorn, Ellen Chitty 
(correct spelling), AW Jones, William, A Ashley, Martha Gallaher, John G 
Riley, John W Higdon,  William W Mixon, William Cunningham, James Thompson, 
D Jackson, James Wright AE Jackson and... 


D Jackson 	1 		35 	M 	B	
		1		25	M	MU	
		1		4	M	B
		1		2	M	B
		1		6/12	M	B
		1		30	F	B	
		1		18	F	B
		1		23	F	B
		1		3	F	B 
AE Jackson 	1	                56	F	B 
(NOTE: The 1850 Ass't Marshall of Conecuh County)
		1		25	F	MU
		1		30	F	MU
		1		15	F	B
		1		15	F	B
		1		12	F	B
		1		8	F	MU
		1		1	F	B
		1		60	F	B	(This Jackson female was born 1790 in 
    		1		22	F	B
		1		19	F	B
		1		9	F	B
		1		6	F	B
		1		4	F	B
WS Jackson 	1		40	F	B
		1		30	F	B
		1		23	F	B
		1		18	F	B
		1		22	M	B
		1		20	F	MU
		1		20	F	MU
		1		12	F	B
		1		11	F	B


1860 Slave Schedule, Slave Inhabitants in the County of CONECUH, State of 
US Census Office ,8th Census, 1860 Slave Schedules for Alabama: Chambers, 
Cherokee, Choctaw, Clarke, Coffee, Conecuh, Coosa, Covington Counties, 
Microfilm Sutro 09, 			microcopy M-653, Box # 28

(slave owner's names who are the head of household.  
The slave's age and sex are given but not their name)

No precinct given so I have no idea when one city area starts or ends only 
the entire Conecuh County slave population is noted along with the slave
 owner's names.  As usual, no names for the slaves are noted therein. 

RP Stallworth, FE Reid, DB Chapman, HM Chapman, MM Mosley, S Yales, John 
Johnson, Martha Gallaher, W Johnson, E Joiner, AW Jones, DW Torington, GW 
Johnson, SA Page, W May (5), J May (1), Mack Wimbery, FM Walker, WC Magnon, 
DF Keller, Russell (7), J Piggort, J Butler, J Johnson, S Farner, G Gilmor, 
F Billington, J Kendrick, B Johnston, F Fredrick, RC Burch, J Simpson, T 
Simpson, D Butler, S Cooper, J Martin, S Roberts, J Yates, Susan Ray, WE 
Broughton, J Cooper, A Salter, J Williamson, Eliza McPherson, J Tombinson, 
YM Rabb (12), JB Lung (4), DF Mosley, R Brown (4), 
Perryman(7), WC Morrrow, John Deen, E Rop, James Haskins, Ben Stephens, 
John Haskins, WM Stallsworth, Nancy  Quartes, Holly Ray, J Alexander, A 
Alford, R Hodge, T McIntyre, T Ansien, R Haspen, Sarah Shaver, W Shaffield, 
Mary Sowell (8), Mary Sowell, J McIntyre, Susan Dean, James Jones, A Johnson
, W Davidson, Jamesitt Thomas, W Horton,  Joh E Dean, EC Smith, J Griffin, 
D Sattsman, Nelson, Ashley, Wilson Ashley (19), Mary S, Jones, Y 
Hinschfelden, E Horton, H Floyd, H Horton, E McCreary, R Brantley, J 
Ritchie, James Floyd, L Turk, W Turk, Martha Turk, T Turk, C McCreary, C 
Taliafino, G Dubose, WM Strange, M Robin, T McCall, T McIven, F Hodge, J 
Howad, C Snowden, K Kendall, N Dixon, JS Moore, JM McGowan, R Miller, W 
Fosher, Elizabeth Clemmons, J Forsher, W Barnicastte, Henderson Still, JB 
Packshean, T Floyd, MT Johnson, P Jones, OF Nannalee (9), H Williams, T 
Williams (4), W Southwah, D Moore, J Smith, W Pagget, Ira Punce, Eliza 
Brewton, JL Sowell, Elizabeth Snowden, E A Dixon, JE Brantley, J Barrow, 
Jef Jounegan, N Travis (4), John Dixon, Martha Dixon, C Dixon, W Spear, J 
Williams, M Horington, G Horington, W Parker, J Parker, E McGowan, J 
Coleman, G BGthen, H Bethea, J Bethea, W Lovelace (4), P Fippino(1), S 
Evans, J Stewart, B Still B Grice(4), T Stallworth (5), SA Barnett (6), 
R Shipp (4), AG Smith, AB Kennedy (4), E Salter (5), JD (4), DR Thomas (1), 
LB Chapman (4) Andrew Jay (10) very large amt. of black slaves on this 
plantation, ML Mosley, ME Rabb, M Knight, W Jordan, D Jay (3), W McPherson, 
JP Stallworth, JH Thomas, J Bunnett, Martha Henderson (2), Susan Stallsworth
 (6), Kendall (3), J Dunam
SP Mason, JA Stallsworth, JA Thomas, JC Lassiter, H Brantley, JS Martin, 
Elizabeth Johnson, E J Pastin, J Busgany, Geo Kysen, J Meglet, W Coker, S 
Ray, Macon Sangley, Sam Grace (3), TH Grace, Iwin Mixon, Willis Brown, 
Nelson Mixon, J Martin, LD Smith, AA Watson, JW Williams, John Mixon, HC 
Middleton, W Middleton, JJ Thompson, JR Seimon, Oxford Gandy, Rowan Dean, 
S Seimon, Martha Brastley, TF Lamb, JC Tisdale, DM McQueen, Amos Little, 
William Higdon, LD Dean, DD Dean, S Gilmore, S Maxwell, D McDonald (3), 
Elias Salter, JW Bass (overseer), J Bap (8), CJ Stallworth, H 
Finkley (8), JM Matthews (5), Willis Darby (4), PP Powell, JM Henderson, 
JM Striklan, JB Rankin, EW Martin, A Campbell, JM Crosby, Margaret Bradley, 
JM Bennett (5), JM Bennett (gaurdian), Alley Bradley, H Donald (9) very 
large black slave population, A Crosby (8) very large black slave population
, Sarah Crosby, JH Fannham (6), Turner Josey, WC Morrow Jr, SW Bradley, WA 
Ashley has one noted idiot and one noted blind black slave on this 
plantation.  This is not the first time I have observed this tyoe of 
notation.  I decide to place at least one notation of this kind in my 
documentation as a reference for any further research in this area shall I forget.  
Slave owners continued: WA Ashley, S Handcock, SA Johnson, TD Johnson, 
Mary Anderson, Sarah Ashley, JD Casy (9), JM Travis, Buthania Autrey (4), 
SD Miller (25) very large black slave population, EB Taylor, Orlando Casy, 
E G Autrey (12), JV Snowden, JW Ethridge, S McGowan (3), JR Floyd (12), WT 
Johnson, Charles Floyd (7), Asa Johnson Sr. (13), Mrs. Ann Sterns (21), FR 
Robbins, JH Burnett, Catherine Donald, Petra Canaan, Mariah Finch (1), SE 
Cook, JH McCreary Jr., Eli Bradley, SG Fobes, Isaac Betts Jr., HH Cook, 
DJ Brown, Henry Andrews (6), James Strange, JH McCreary Sr. (21), SJ 
McCreary (3), John Tompson, James Thompson, George Thompson (3), Alex 
Thompson (3), James Higdon, Thomas Green, S Bradley (7), TW Simpson, Mary 
Marren (11), Alford Thomas (5), M Lewis, Sam Nash Sr. (5), RB Higdon, 
William Cunningham (1) owns a blind black slave, TA Robbins (4), Thomas 
Ballard, WD Avant, Dan Robbins (6), FS Langhs, Agnes, Isaac Hinds, WS 
Mitherington (1), I Lee, Joel Lee, W Jainen, George House, Nancy Fowler, 
J Dewberry, FE Richardson, A Farrar, Enoch Salter, J Salter, J Hickson, EL 
John Green (1), John Green Sr. (3), Edith Cornwell, BS Crawford (3), J 
Carter (4), Charles, William Watson, W Goodsin, D Kendrick, JE Sassiter, R 
Dowooan, Kendrick Clay and Company, SC Spence, L Goodwin, W Journigan, B 
Merritt, T Driggens (RailRoad hands noted with several black slaves), A 
Lovelace, RM Lovelace, JJ Lovelace (3), ET Brewston, Dennard and Kendrick 
(agent, 1 house, 16 slaves), J Hesington, SG McIntyre, WT Brown, E Douglas,
 John A Thomas, JA Thomas (10), CT Brantley, James Narred (21) 10 slaves, 
RB Higdon (1), Mary A Downs, T Salter, JG Riley, H Beddings-
field (2), C Carter, SO Lassiter, Matilda Watts, D Burt, R Salter (3), 
William Green, JS Beddingfield (2), H Gulley (10), GD Gulley, JH Burk, M 
Brayn, Charles Tignon, John Sampey (5), Mariah Parker (2), Luke Colley, GL 
Hall (1-50yr old female black), T Ballard (5), W Green, Ursula King (6), W 
Green, Nancy Savage, B Brewton (manumitted 3 slaves first seen emancipate 
documented on the slave schedules), B Journegan, Chesley Cosby (19), Job 
Castleberry (3)...



The uppermost or Northern part of Butler County was documented in 1850 on 
the slave schedule.  What we know as the lower part of Butler County today
 was part of Conecuh County.  Again, the lower half or Southern portion of 
today's Butler County was once Conecuh County which includes Georgiana, 
Garland and Starlington.  


		Forgive me for any errors or mistakes for some of the census
 taker's 	handwriting was hard for me to interpret and read while others 
were quite legible.  	And although the calligraphy type script was 
beautiful, sometimes I found I had to 	decipher if an A was an O; W was 
a M; J was a T; V was a N; P was a F; UR 
	was an A; L was a S and so on.  Sometimes it was hard to read my own 
hand-	writing as I copied all of this from my paper to my computer.  
Also, census 	takers make mistakes too, so if they did then that means 
I have copied their 	mistakes. Some of the names that are obviously your 
surname may be spelled 	differently than you spell it today so look for the
 phonetic or different name 	spellings too.  The more times something is 
copied it increases the chances of 	spelling mistakes. I would suggest that 
if one is interested in more genealogy 	regarding any of the people 
mentioned herein then you should research the actual 	document yourself.
slave houses: 

		I documented a random selection of slave houses as represented 
in 	parentheses ( ) to note the ownership of land, plus on the actual 
slave schedule
	not all the entries had the number of houses mentioned too.  Even so, 
this is still
	significant information for if the slaveowners had slaves they had to 
house them 
	on somebody's land.  A record of the it will give you some idea of the
	of the plantation or farmhouse.  One might find that most plantations 
were really 	just small farm houses or shacks as described by some 
relatives.  Some large 
	slave populations were housed in a small number of slave homes and 
vice versa.