1. Thomas Mackey, Sr. (1762-1842), and Solomon Mackey (c1770-1852), are the only known sons of John Mackey S r.

    Comprehensive research was made to find records which would indicate the children of John Mackey, Sr. The following are the only conveyances found by the compiler: "Thomas Mackey, S r. Planter, Lancaster Dist. a deed to Hugh McCrory sg. 13 Nov. 1813, tract of land containing 100a. laid out by Henry Clark 7 May 1762, afterwards conveyed by Clark to John Mackey by deed l1 Dec. 1774, bound on all sides by vacant land lying on north side of Camp Creek the creek being the line between Thomas Mackey, Sr., and Hugh McCrory. Wit: James Coil, Allston Coil." On the 17 Nov. 1826, Thomas Mackey Sr. bought from Hugh McCrory this same land, which at that, time adjoined lands of Andrew McIllwaine and Robert Douglass: "Part of a grant to Henry Clark 17 Feb. 1758 and afterwards conveyed from Clark to John Mackey by deed 11 Dec. 1774, conveyed by Thomas Mackey, Sr, to Hugh Mc0rory 13 Nov. 1813.W it: Andrew Crenshaw, Jason Crenshaw, Andrew Mackey." (Lancaster Co. S. C.: D-Bk H (old) 25;L-317).

    William, Robert and John Mackey were contemporaries of Thomas Mackey, Sr, They resided in the same area and were probably sons of Sarah McKinnie and John Mackey, Sr.

2. Wm. Mackey (1751-1888)m . in Camden Dist. Nancy White and removed to Blount Co. Tenn. (Natl. Archv: File, BLWt. 61199-160-50).

3. Robert Mackey resided in Hagood or Horatio, S. C., Fredericksburg Tp. Camden Dist. in 1799: "Robt. Mackey of Clermont Co. a deed to Elizabeth Wesbury sg. 21 Sept. 1799, tract of 83a. in Camden Dist." (Sumter Co. S. C. A-168),

4. John Mackey resided in Fredericksburg Tp. Camden Dist. with w. Ann, 8 Feb. 1816: "The Southern Chronicle, Camden, S. C. Is. Wed. 10 Sept. 1823: Died in this town, on Monday the 8th inst., Wm. the eldest s. of John Mackey."

6. Solomon Mackey (c1770-1862d) . in Lancaster Co. S. C. His will was sg. 22 June 1847 pr. 26 Oct. 1862, naming his nephew, John T. Mackey (s. of Thos. Mackey, Sr.) as one of his executors.  A copy of the will of Solomon Mackey was recorded in Tallapoosa Co. Ala. (A-96) 1E Jan. 1865, which definitely establishes the relationship between him and Thos. Mackey, Sr.

6. Jonathan Mackey1 772-1860 (probably a. s.) sg. will 11 Dec. 1850 pr. in Henry Co. Ga. Jan. Crt. 1851, in which he states he was born 22 May 1772. The family data shows he resided in Lancaster and Fairfield Cos. S. C. Some of his descendants took the spelling "McKey."

7. Littleton Perry Mackey (probably a s.) was b. c1776. He