Best Tax Idea

10% Flat tax on every person that works in the USA.  12,500 personal deduction on each head of household and 5,000 on each other persons who live in the household.  Deduction on all donations to non profits.  No other deductions allowed.

20% import tax on everything that is made in another country (including parts) that comes into the USA.  That should make it worthwhile for companies to move back into the USA and stop outsourcing our jobs.

10% capitol gains taxes for companies who keep the jobs in the USA and 50% capitol gains for those who outsource the jobs.  Other than normal operating expenses as deductions, the only other deduction should be investment into the company that will actually create at least 1 job.  If it does not create a job, it is not deductible. 

$100 probation tax to cover the court costs and $0 inheritance tax.  If there is an objection to the will, the attorney can charge no more than 10% of the contested amount.